Standard SMSF Accounting Fees

Pension & Contribution Administration Fees

Structure Change Fees

Other Non-Standard Fees

Fees payable to regulatory bodies or other third parties

Investment Restrictions

We do place restrictions on the type of investments which can be held by SMSFs under our service. Our standard SMSF accounting fee only covers SMSFs which hold investments within the following:

  • Cash and Term Deposits (with any bank) (up to 10 accounts in total)
  • ASX Listed Shares (held through one broker platform)
  • ASX Listed ETFs (up to 10 holdings)
  • Public Unit Trusts or Managed Funds (excluding mortgage funds, fixed interest or bond funds) (up to 4 holdings)

An additional fee of $220 will apply for each of the following (if applicable):

  • More than 10 cash and term deposits
  • More than 10 ETFs or more than 4 Public Unit Trusts or Managed Funds
  • ASX Listed Investments held through multiple broker platforms

Billing Process

Our annual SMSF accounting fee is payable in two instalments, with the interim invoice (for 50% of the annual fee) being issued in January and the final invoice (for the remaining 50% of the annual fee) being issued in July of each year. Upon receipt of the January instalment we will begin our interim work on your SMSF’s annual accounts. Upon payment of the July instalment we will start to finalise the annual financial statements, arrange for the audit of the financial statements and lodge the income tax return.

No obligation, cancel any time

You are under no obligations to continue your engagement with Online Super Fund and are free to cancel our administration service at any time. If you choose to cancel we will refund any fees you have paid in advance and transfer all of the accounting and legal records we hold for your SMSF to you.

We understand that because of the limited investment options under our service offering, you may eventually want to go to another service provider so that you can do other things with your SMSF (for example limited recourse borrowing arrangements and property purchases). We are more than happy to help you with this to ensure your transition is as smooth as possible.